Fuel Used glitch is back

For the last month or two I have had instances where the Fuel Used indicator fails to start at the beginning of a flight. I am able to taxi, take off, and fly for several minutes while Fuel Used remains at zero. This has occurred in both the C172 and C208. Apparently this was also a problem in 2018, mentioned in several threads. Updating to 20.1 did not fix the problem.
I know there is a lot going on with the new 20.1, and this is a minor problem, but is does distract from a realistic experiencd.

Can you try to get a video of this occurring? Thanks in advance :)

Hi, @Balloonchaser. Nice to hear from you.
I don’t know how to record a video of my flights. I am flying with a iPod. Are there instructions for doing that somewhere? I tried looking at replays, but they don’t show the status bar at the bottom. I went to replays of some C172 flights because they have a live cockpit. I was surprised to see that in the replay the fuel tanks were empty for the entire flight, and a “low fuel” warning was on the dash.
In another post I complained about the “Used Fuel” not resetting after finishing a flight. i don’t know if these two things are related.

Ok, I did some google searching and learned how to make a video (see attatched). In a C208 I take off and fly around the airport while Fuel Used remains as 0. I also show fuel remaining is decreasing.
Unfortunately system says it is not in correct format to upload here, will try in screen shots and videos.

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