Fuel Used Bug

since a few days I have the problem when I am flying I can not see how much fuel I consumed. is it a general problem of IF or does it have something to do with my device?

Works fine here. I assume you’ve already tried a restart of your device?

Is it happening for all the aircrafts you’ve tried so far?

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I think reinstalling the app should fix that problem.

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It is only in a321 - a319 in other aircraft is all good . I have restarted my device it’s working now . But sometimes this bug comes back .

Odd. A reinstall might solve it for good. I’ve never seen this but will keep an extra eye on it from now on!

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all right. I will reinstall the app. I think this time it should work. :) yes you have to be careful i did not notice it at the beginning. I saw it later that it did not work. many thanks for the help ! :)