Fuel Usage Calculator: WIP

I’m creating an online total fuel calculator. It will calculate ALL fuel required in flight for each aircraft.

The formulas are ready to be tested, and now it’s time for the data collection phase for EVERY airplane in IF. This will take a while, as you can imagine. I have someone helping me though, so it won’t take as Long.

Update: Progress has been slowed/ halted immensely because of my current schedule, and me being added to the IF Airport Editors. School, Band and everything else I’ve been doing has made my free time few and far between hours. Not to mention the immense amount of stress I’m dealing with has made the little relaxation time I have worse and worse everyday.

So I’m sorry if this isn’t coming as soon as I once said. Again, data collection help would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds cool! I think this community will 100% benefit from this! Thank you! Will it be a app or a website? This should also be moved to #thirdparty

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Website, for now. Maybe it will be both.

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Really awesome!!! What is the link?? It will be developed on app??

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So far, still getting the data and working on ways to increase the efficiency of my time and accuracy. After that gets done, I will develop a “game” that takes user inputs and plugs them into a formula, then spitting out many outputs.

There is no telling how long this will take, as data collection has only just been started. But I have now been offered help, so collecting data on every plane in IF will be that much faster. However, while there is data we can get through testing on IF, some data is just simply unobtainable. Finding ways around that would also take time.

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Awesome idea! This is already made though, http://fuelplanner.com.


Try the fuelplanner
Or try FPLtoIF

I used fuelplanner, but now I use FPLtoIF because it easier, it shows you the route, flight time and weather etc.

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Do any of those calculators take into account altitude efficiencies? Or changes in kg/ ft hr due to power level? Seems like all those calculators are not all going to take that into account.

FPLtoIF’s issue is that it uses SimBrief’s numbers for real life aircraft, not the somewhat-different IF versions. Last I heard, he’s working on getting the IF numbers in the system, but it’s not at the top of his priority list at the moment.
I’ve never used fuelplanner, but I’m sure the situation there is similar to FPLtoIF

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The numbers on FplToIF never seemed to be wrong. I round it off though. (Ex. If fpltoif shows 94 000 kg, I’ll take 100 000 kg on my trip. Never had any issues)

It would be great to see an app that takes, as you said: Fuel efficiencies in account.
Good luck!

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But it must be under MTOW :)

Again, If Anyone Could Help Thatd be Amazing

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