Fuel Systems Messed Up?

Hey, guys. So was flying from LAX to Daniel Inyoue (PHNL) and I ran out of fuel an hour before landing. Now, I loaded with 6 hours 12 minutes of fuel. The flight takes 5:15-5:30 hours, so I had plenty. But, I was 1 hour away, and I checked my sysntesm 's and it said I was on low fuel with 3 minutes remaining. Someone tell me how this is possible. I cruised at right speeds (310kts) and FL320 so I don’t know what happened. Has this already been disscused? Is there a solution? Thanks for your help. Steven-IFCInfiniteFlightGuy

Which aircraft? The headwinds were pretty bad today from LAX to HNL. I planned with 2 hours extra and I made it with 20 minutes to spare.

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BA 777-200ER. I didn’t notice winds because the 777 is strong and I didn’t check the winds inside the cockpit.

Just go to https://earth.nullschool.net/ . You shouldve planned it with 9 hours of fuel with a heavy like that.

Ooo… well that’s that but according to a YouTuber, although I’m not sure if he’s accurate, thinks the same as me… Ill send link

  1. You where going to fast causing you to burn more then you should.

  2. You didn’t plan for enough fuel to begin with.

  3. You more then likely used an abundant amount of fuel while climbing unrealistically as well.

I recommend the Flight planning series

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The fuel calculator always plans for no winds. You need to take that into account when planning.

What do you mean. B Y climbing unrealisticly?

What was your vertical speed?

I changed throughout climb, started at 4000 and once I got to 10k feet I reduced it to 3000, and once I got to around the late 20,000 feet area I reduced to 500.

And what was your speed?

Woah way too steep dude. I suggest climbing at around 2500 until 25000, then reduce to 1500 to cruise.


1:45 is the minimum FAA required reserve. Can’t remember how that is broken up. You’ll surely use more during climb, and if winds change. I’ll load up about 2 hours generally, in addition to ETE. On a 1:15 trip, that’s 3:15, and during climb, that TTG for fuel number at climb thrust can get as low as 1:00 if I have a high enough N1. Sounds like you had only a half hour of reserve, probably is accounted for during climb.


Until 10,000 feet it was 230 kts. Once I got to above that I increased to 340. Then once I went to mach I was at mach .90 or .89

Yep that’s exactly my point too fast all the way around no commercial aircraft cruises or climbs at that speed.

Don’t use autopilot. I keep my engines around 70- 80 the entire flight, 85-90 until 1500

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Not to mention you didn’t add enough fuel to begin with. Case solved pilot error moving on ✌️

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If I had none of these factors, I had a half hour+ of reserve fuel. But I will take these tips into account next time. I’m still like very young to be on Infinite Flight and know the basics and a little bit more than I know already, so I’ve still got a lot to learn.