Fuel service

Hi everyone. I saw a lot of posts talking about people’s that had no enough fuel to finish the flight. So, I am really bored (banned from expert for 7 days) and I want to do something. From now until Saturday I will provide air fuel service. I mean if you need fuel tell me where you are and callsign and I will depart from closest airport and refuel you in the air. Just now that I will not be available everytime. Contact me and I will tell you if I am available or not, and if I am I will come to refuel you.


You can post here:

Also, switch the following topic to → Watching to be notified when someone wants refueling!!



While this is a good idea, there is already a simlar thread…

This will also only work for some aircraft just so you know…

OK, thanks, I will do it too

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