Fuel Saving


I’m currently on the first leg of a round the world trip, and pretty obviously want to save fuel. Is taking off light and then not having to carry so much fuel so you don’t burn it by carrying it, or to step-climb with a lot of fuel?


(I’m callsign RTW1 Heavy on Training😉)

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I would recommend step-climbing with a lot of fuel.

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I agree with the above. There are so many factors when considering fuel load, but Your leg length is the greatest. You just don’t want to land at MLW.

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I would suggest to get around the world go east. You will have tailwinds throughout your flight if you follow them. That will then get you faster to your destination. You are also circling Near AMS.

I’m going East, and have a slight crosswind, due to me turning a bit

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Seriously, depends on the aircraft you are using my man/girl. I would suggest the B777-200LR which is the longest range-reaching aircraft in IF, aslo concidering you wont be carrying any passanger (I suggest u shouldn’t if ur doing such a challange) you’ll be very very light, atleast for a LR (Long range) aircraft. However if you’re using any other aircraft with a decent NM length be sure to not reach too close to MTW, that will mess up your speeds and climb rate. Please do also think about monitorize the weather at all times, a 50kts headwind will slow your plane down DRASTICLY. If you do want advice on doing that challange I’d say, use an aircraft that has mid-flight refueling ability, and ask people to come on and help you refill. A pal of mine did and managed to keep flying for 66 hours untill his phone basically crashed xD (The program overloaded the loaded cache)

The longest range of an aircraft in IF might be the A380 or the B788 with a fuel capacity a little over 21 hours.

Indeed, however that changes depending on the weight of the actual aircraft as well, the LR has longer NM reach lad. Prob why it held the longest flight record untill the A350-900ULR broke it recently.

I usually have no PAX and Cargo and all fuel. What has been the range that you have gotten in the B777LR? I am currently flying an 8,888 NM flight from Manaus to Seoul in the B787

Haha I don’t fly the B777LR xD, however the longest flight was the B777-200LR 9.011 NM, Auckland to Doha 5th february 2017


I’m doing the A330 with no pax 😉

A great way of saving fuel also is to be clever with your throttle.

  • use enough power to take off. 100% throttle is almost never needed.
  • during your initial climb make sure your speed increases gently
  • keep your speed at cruise at a reasonable level

Enjoy your world tour!

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How are you flying? Why are you not flying straight?

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I have some flight plan issues, that mean that the turns are so they try and go round and round, so I have to manually change it 😕😉

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Dont use too many waypoints.

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I see your FPL, you have tooooooo many waypoints.

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Yeah, that sort of ends one I get near the middle of Russia

Delete that waypoints in the app. Just open your fpl, click on some waypoints and click on - button.

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I’m doing that as I go along, but it’s too confusing to do it after my current waypoint

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