Fuel Saving measures

I am currently enroute to KEYW. I am flying an E175. I do not have enough fuel to make it there. I am climbing to FL380 at M0.75. I have already made my FPL direct to cut down on distance. However all of these measures do not seem to work. DOes anyone have some suggestions?

Slow down your speed and lower your altitude a little.

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Which direction is the wind blowing?

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When you get to TOD, turn your engines off and have some fun flying a glider :)


296 at 39kts

Im sure IFATC will love that 🤪


What is your current heading, as well as ETA and fuel left (time)?

I believe 0.78 is economy cruise speed for an EJet, do not quote me on that though. How heavy are you?

Divert to another airport. If you don’t have the fuel to make it to the airport right now, you will most definitely not have the fuel to fly the vectors ATC will be giving you when you get closer.


34 minutes out with 56 minutes left. But that is because I am descending. I will reply once I am at my target altitude

33,315kg is my weight

I meant in % load

62% is my pecentage

You absolutely should not be at FL380, 340 would probably be better. But as Deer said, you’d probably be better off diverting, especially if the airspace is busy

Okay. I am not at FL300. I am looking for diversion airports

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Issue addressed. Don’t try pushing the limits of the aircraft. Failing to divert and pushing ones is a disservice to ATC and your fellow pilots. Proper flight and fuel planning needs to be considered carefully prior to each flight. If its evident you won’t have enough fuel or might be tight on fuel taking into account ATC vectors for approach, a diversion is necessary. Climbing higher, flying faster will likely do minimal to no benefit to you.