Fuel Reserve

ideal reserve fuel time?


At least 45 minutes, though consider adding some more just in case, especially when doing a long haul.


depends on the aircraft, do you need any certain aircraft? If not, I usually take 45 mins for short haul or 1:30 - 2 hours for long hauls


Hi @Caio_Marcelo,
it depends on your flight. For long haul I take around 75-90 min and for short haul or medium haul I take around 30-45 min.


It differs, depending on your flight.

You should take into account traffic, winds and type of flight etc. Usually, 45 minutes would be just right.


the Airbus A320

Take around 45 min. It would be enough but check weather and traffic also

I’d take around 45 minutes

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these are irl laws when it comes to reserve fuels

VFR (ga aircrafts)
daytime: enough fuel for 30 min of flying beyond your intended destination
nighttime: enough fuel for 45 min of flying beyond your intended destination

IFR (ga aircrafts)
time of day doesn’t matter: trip fuel + fuel needed for alternate destination + enough fuel for 45 min of flying beyond that point

commercial operations:
[Taxi fuel] + [Trip fuel] + [Contingency fuel (at least 5% of trip fuel)] + [Fuel to reach alternate airport] + [Final reserve fuel (enough fuel for 30 min of holding flight for jets)] + [Additional fuel (enough fuel to guarantee that you’ll reach an alternate airport with one engine or at a lower altitude cuz engines are less efficient at lower altitudes)] + [Discretionary fuel (only if the PIC feels its necessary]

simbrief gives you all this information
if youre flying vfr, ur gonna have to do a bit of math


I take a couple hours of reserve because the fuel calculator in IF is broken.

According to Airbus: The A320 Family aircraft low level indication is based on remaining fuel quantity in the tank being sufficient to meet the requirement of 30 minutes at 1500 ft (corresponding to approximately 1 200 kg).

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