Fuel remaining indicador

Hello guys in really confused about how to read yhe fuel remaining in the status barit goes to 2 hrs then to 3 hrs then to 1 hr im confused so how to read it proprly?

It’s quite simple actually;

The time remaining is based in your current fuel burn rate.

So, high fuel burn rate = less flight time
Low rate = more flight time.


Ok thank you know i know

My intent is not to be rude, but helpful.

However, there are tons of tutorials in said category on virtually everything you could need to know about the sim. That’s a lot more efficient than creating 20 separate threads for every question that you have. Cruising altitudes, speeds, step climbing, fuel indicators, intercepting the localizer, these are all answered in the various tutorials. You can search for them or browse the #tutorials category to learn everything you need to know. It’s a lot more efficient than opening a separate thread for every question.

Again, I’m sure you’ll read this as an attack, but it’s really not. Those tutorials are there for precisely this reason. So you don’t have to ask each question separately and learn everything piecemeal.