Fuel Remaining Inaccuracy

I just noticed that my fuel remaining is 30 mins, but now it says its 4 hours, now its 40 minutes. How do I stop it from constantly changing.

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It changes depending on wind conditions

So there’s almost no way to stop it from changing 😕


This is due to your throttle changing constantly - when you’re at cruise, you’ll see that it’ll stop changing so dramatically as you’ll be maintaining constant power & your altitude is not changing etc etc.

For example, if your throttle is at 100%, you’ll use significantly more fuel in contrast to your throttle being at 60%.


If I were you, I would put in an extra 3 hours worth of fuel if flying long haul, 90 min for short/medium haul.

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Are you doing a long haul?

Hope after all the good answers above you now know that inaccuracy is not the case.

A full throttle will deplete your fuel in 5 minutes flat, for example, but iddle throttle keeps the engines running for another 3 hours.

Same with in-flight procedures. Air drags, flaps, gear down, air stream, weight, trim, proper/improper step-climbing… keeping a constant speed against all that affect how heavy your engines gotta work.

Fun Stuffs

Personally for me the fuel use fluctuations you mentioned are one of the fun part in this sim as I get to rate my own flight performance and copy how real airliner pilots strategize and plan their routes as their company IRL demands fuel conservation.

At one point my fuel was 5 minutes to none as I got lost at night over the mountains of Java island, but strategizing further I managed to get 15 minutes and made an emergency landing nearby. That was rewarding in a heart pounding kind of way!

There are several videos in youtube and as a result I now check windy.com for air streams when planning and adopt RL pilot’s complaint attitude when tower assigned a runway too far from where I park, just like in the videos I watched lol😂

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you have to take into consideration headwind, pax, cargo and you n1 which all affects you fuel economy

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