Fuel Questions

So I was in the B777-200ER and as i was about to taxi i realized i’ve used 90000lbs of fuel. Is there a problem with the fuel burn

i turned on APU for 3 minutes then i pushed back

Did you happen to reduce the fuel loaded on the mass & balance screen before departing?

i didn’t reduce anything

Hmm, very strange then…

My guess would be this is some interesting glitch in that case.

The 63lbs that have been burned on top of the 90 thousand are probably the APU and engine fuel that have been used so far.

the glitch only affects the 777 family

As far as I know the APU does not burn fuel in game (for whatever reason, I don’t know) so there has to be a reason that’s more than just that.

Indeed APU fuel burn is not supported as yet. Not come across this though… you didn’t land following a previous flight?

nope it was a new flight

Did it apprear just after startup or you spawned in with 90k lbs burnt already?

when i finished loading the fuel

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