Fuel Problems…

I didn’t know that he was heavy, error from my side

IDK if you are joking or not. Turning off an engine is a BAD IDEA, no matter OP’s weight, speed or anything else.

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No jokes in on training server rn and at 80% load in the 77l. I’m flying over the Atlantic with only 1 engine.

That should only be done in an emergency

I created this just for situations like this, obviously you can’t change the amount of fuel you have onboard but you can pick the correct altitudes.

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Try dumping some fuel to make it lighter but not too much.

How long is your flight?

It is 11 hours, I’m 9 hours in right now

What is your fuel level I mean’

How much percent is left?

Yes the percentage

22% (24,4K kg) left

You should be fine

Okay thanks

What’s your mach

Flight ended and done successfully, thanks for trying to help though! By the way I was on Mach 0.87-0.88.

well that would explain literally everything, eco cruise is 0.82 I would not be surprised if at 0.87 or 88 you’re burning double the fuel you should be

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that is wayyy too fast lol

The cruising speed for the A330 is M.81/82

Even then the 747 cruises at M.86 soo yeh

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Not really, if your flight wants to last long u can try my method

Only works for certain aircraft. Other aircraft either get worse economy or just straight up stall. Let’s not spread misinformation.