Fuel Problems…

follow IFR cruising attitude btw

I’m at FL340

go lower if u can and it should change over time

Okay let me see…

if ur flying between 179-360 go 320

Why not 340? I think evens are that and 340 is even

SimBrief suggested me FL340

not needed to always follow them

Alright, do you know if I should use any trim?

u should try adjust it not too mcuh tho

Yeah but I don’t know how to use it

does descending to 320 help? if it doesnt then just leave it as it is

N1 is at 95%, very slight improvement (throttle 93%)

ight just leave it as it is they should drop overtime

Okay then thank you

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ur welcome!

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Turn off one engine while taxiing and while take off don’t use full throttle keep it around idle to preserve fuel ⛽️

This saves fuel, but it is pretty insignificant for flights long enough to cross the Atlantic.

Idle power is the 20%N1 you get when you start up an aircraft. It means the plane is not gaining any speed. Safe to say you wont be going anywhere if you use it during takeoff.

While you are cruising at your filed altitude I meant

You would still lose thrust and stall.