Fuel Problems…

Does anyone know ways to reserve more fuel in long haul flights? Because I’m doing one right now and the throttle will stay 96+% (N1 98%) and it’s wasting more fuel than usual, I really need a tip, thank you!


Turn off engine 1

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Start step climbing

I’m already at 34,000ft cruising above the Atlantic…

Ok yeah step climb then

Step climbing!

There is a really useful guide here:

How will that help, I’m cruising right now

How much did you put in reserve from the start?

That is a very bad idea if you’re heavy

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I’m using the A339 NEO, I put I think 15-20 hours of fuel because I knew this would happen

ur using too much thrust and its most likely ur too heavy for ur current altitude

So what altitude should I go then?

its normal for a330 as its very under powered in IF especially the neo

So that is why it’s always in 97+% N1?

if ur on a330 try FL320 or smt and if that doesnt work suggest try to not put too much weight

yea on other aircraft it should not be like that but on the 330 neo it should drop overtime tho

Oooh alright

do the ete show u cant make it?

I’ll descend to FL320 and see if the situation improves

I can, but the throttle is too high and I’m on high end with the orange ETE Time indicator