Fuel Problems

Hey, Im Currently flying from New York to Lagos in a Delta B747. I planned my fuel accordingly with actually quite a lot extra than needed when i left NYC but im currently nearing Lagos and am not sure if i will make it cause i might run out of fuel. I don’t understand why this happened cause i used the actual FPL used IRL and the winds over the atlantic weren’t that bad and as i say i had plenty of fuel to begin with. If anyone can help me in any way that would be greatly appreciated.

Info :
Device : iPhone 8 Plus
Wifi : Strong
Aircraft : Delta Air Lines Boeing B747-451
Fuel : Enough or so i thought lol

How much fuel (in time) have you left at the moment compared to the ETE to destination?

I had roughly 11:25 (time) in fuel i think it might have been a bit more. It says i have used 89,084 KGS So far. i have 8,056 KGS Left. I am at a ALT of 35,000 Ft and have about 30 Mins to arrival

EDIT : It said on Flight Aware that the Sched FT was 10:15 so i assumed an extra 1 Hour and 10 Min fuel would be good

Well, then it should be fine. With the same fuel consumption you will only need about 4100kgs till arrival. The aircraft also consumes way less when descending. I had similar experiences with the B748 where it said “not enough fuel” till I came very close to the airport. I think you’ll be fine!

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Okay ty i was just a bit worried that i had spent loads of time planning and flying for it to run out of fuel on final or something but if my fuel should hold out then thats great. Thank u for all the help. Much Appreciated! :)

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You’re welcome! But I can’t guarantee anything cause I don’t know the exact environmental factors you’re facing at the moment ;)

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One thing you should keep in mind with the 747 is it consumes A LOT of fuel, it is literally a guzzler, even in normal aviation with airlines.

So it would be best to have as much excess fuel as possible, maybe about 2 hours more, because at the end of the day that fuel will translate to like 15-20 tonnes towards the end for the distance you mentioned, which is perfect. The 747 has a high MLW so you should be fine. Also remember step climbing helps too!

Hope that helps!

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Hey, Thank u for the advice, i will bear that in mind next time i fly the 74 :))

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