Fuel problems

So basically while flying from KEWR to NZAA on a 787-9 today I started off with about an hour and fifteen minutes more fuel than I needed, and I’m still experiencing fuel problems; I’ve got only 10.5hours of fuel left and my ETE is 11 hours 40 minutes.

I’m really nervous and I’m crossing the pacific right now, so I don’t know what to do. Cruising at FL350, Mach 0.85.


Maybe wait a bit …
Then you get lighter and your aircraft requires less fuel :)
If it still isn‘t enough just do a stopover ✈️


Also remember to step climb as you get lighter, the higher you are, the less fuel you burn. :)

Maybe try flaps 5°? Reducing the AoA can help in some cases. I tried this on a 787-9 and it gave a little boost. 👍🏻

Just a side note, the b787 family is not the same as the a350. With the a350, you usually get the exact amount of fuel and time as when you start you flight at the gate. With different aircraft, you need to put in more fuel based on the flight time. For example, with the b747s, I usually add around 7-9 hours of extra fuel as these beasts are fuel guzzlers. With the b787s, I like to add a good 3-4 hours of extra fuel. Next time, I recommend you do the same.

The further you go, your aircraft will get lighter as it burns fuel. When it gets light, the fuel flow (how much fuel the engines are consuming) will decrease because they will not need to produce as much thrust to keep the now lighter aircraft in flight. The fuel remaining is calculated by using the current fuel flow and therefore, does not take into account that the aircraft will be lighter. Looking at your ETE and fuel remainging, I think you’ll be fine.

@saad375 Because you are early on in your fligth, I would stay put and calm. For one your aircraft will get progressively lighter and you should step climb. Two winds will help you out. Right now winds might be agiasnt you prompting a low fuel warning, later when that shifts you should be fine… although you should plan incase you do have to divert… look for an airport 1hour and 45-50 minutes away from NZAA ( and closer to KEWR) as a alternate incase the fuel warning does not change. Make sure you monitor that flight. Also around 5 hours in step to FL370 then with 2 hours remaining step to 390. If you are approaching NZAA from the west I would divert to Perth ( if needed) and you are approaching from the east I would suggest diverting to Tahiti ( if necessary) which is in French Polynesia.

Hope you found this helpful. Feel free to PM or Tag me @Jster82x if you have any further questions. :)

The B787 family is like it’s brun more fuel than it should

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