Fuel Problems Once Again

Looks like you will have a headwind for most of your flight! Should be enough fuel though, just means more sleep (if overnight)
Resource: windy.com

According to Windy.com, it looks like the most fuel efficient routing would be through southern Greenland, and the Midwest US, as you’ll get a slight component tailwind southward

Thanks for letting me know I’ll definitely take note of this. I knew there was some sort of rule regarding this, since I’m westbound if I climbed to 36,000 feet in order to be more realistic do you think I’ll burn too much fuel and continue to have this problem?

The 1000 ft climb might have burned an irrelevant amount, but majority of it will come from straight flying.

Did you use planning software like SimBrief or FPLtoIF?

I was worried about my fuel when flying from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires yesterday and had to stay below FL320 the whole flight in order to make it. Didn’t imagine retracting the flaps would save fuel even in IF haha


No lol I just didn’t want to fly over Ukraine since this is a charter airline based in the US and many airlines choose not to fly over the vacinity of the country

I don’t usually use resources like this to calculate fuel

Good news it’s back to white

Me too I was told this on another forum and surprisingly worked since the physics on the 747 are very unrealistic

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Yes, and as a #RealismPolice, I’m so glad you considered this! 😁

But SimBrief and FPLtoIF are services which will take airspace restrictions into account while at the same time providing fuel efficient routings. The 11:40 hour flight time was estimated by going north of European airspace and south through US airspace most likely.

If you take a look at this picture of Windy.com, you’ll see that you would’ve actually had a tailwind had you gone through S. Greenland and N. Canadian airspace.

Looks like you’re in for some rougher headwinds in Western Europe. But don’t worry, you should be fine with an amber fuel indication! 😁

This westbound (even number) altitude is bugging me 😬😬. I want to climb to FL360, though I’m worried I’ll burn unnecessary amounts of fuel and continue to have the same problem that resolved itself 🤣.

You can descend to FL340 instead. With the air being slightly more dense at lower altitudes, the engines won’t have to work as hard, so by doing so, you may actually gain some time.

Also, if you’ve taken off from Tbilisi, I’m assuming you’ve just started your flight, so I would actually recommend a decent to FL320 or even FL300 to comply with step-climbing

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We’re going to make it!!! Back to white

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FL320 it is!

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I’m not sure how familiar you are with step-climbing, but I’ve attached a tutorial below:

Essentially, you would only start the flight at low altitudes like FL320, but by the time you begin your final decent into your destination, you would be at higher altitudes because the aircraft is lighter.

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. I’m not too familiar with step climbing and I will definitely take this into account. I’m always open to learn new things in order to implement them within my flight to ensure the most realistic flying experience possible. This is why I love Infinite Flight, you can always rely on the community for help when needed.

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Of course, always happy to help 😁

One final note of aid: I would also set trim on the aircraft, available by the pink bar. You want to set it so the pink bar disappears. For the B772, I have found it requires about 45-50% depending on weights

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Okay people;

The colour of “ETE TO DEST” is based on Current fuel consumption.
On any longer flight, this will be red on the initial parts of the flight due the fact that you won’t last to the destination based on the current fuel consumption.

However, the consumption will drop as you burn fuel and becomes lighter… and as well as winds shifting.


Thank you 😁

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