Fuel problem

Using SimBrief, I have used 58,000kg of fuel which should be extra but I am still being told that I don’t have enough fuel. Is this a bug and is there a way to fix it?

This is normal. Your plane will become lighter as you burn more fuel. In turn, less fuel will be consumed.

Have a nice flight. 🙂


Thanks! I’ll see what other people need to say too though C:

What aircraft are you flying?

Generally speaking, when you first start your flight you’re going to be heavier and thus burn more fuel. As you fly for longer and burn more fuel, you’re going to be lighter and in turn, burn less fuel. So indeed, you might be seeing a red indication stating that you will not have enough fuel, but this might change later on in the flight as you become lighter and burn less fuel.

Simbrief is usually very accurate in terms of fuel burn and how much fuel you need to take for a given trip (with a rare exception here and there).


I’m flying the 787-8. (I agree that SimBrief is accurate but I always put in about 1000kg of fuel extra just to be sure. You never know) C:

It’s pretty accurate with the B787-8 from my personal experience, so you should be fine. A little tip to double check if you have enough fuel for your trip is to have a look at the “Estimated Flight Time” that Infinite Flight provides when you fill your Weight & Balance parameters. If it’s approximately correct, you should have nothing to worry about :)

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Always remember for the long flights to follow the step climbing. Me with my A321 we make history in IF… Step climbing is the best method to go further

Thanks for the tip! And I agree the787 is usually accurate! Good evening!

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I’m almost at Montego Bay and you guys were right thanks!

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