Fuel problem

I think they need to improve the fuel and weight thing because it’s so inaccurate

Could you elaborate more? What aircraft are you on?

Hey there.

Firstly, sorry about your current situation. Secondly, What aircraft are you referring to? Because, chances are the devs will eventually rework it in coming updates down the line.

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Because when I start up the engines it will just go from 60000 to like 55000 I think it’s inaccurate

Whoa… That’s a little high. If you’re talking airliners, they cruise anywhere between 30,000 and 40,000 depending on weight and fuel. That’s more of an F-22’s ceiling. 😂

Also is there a way to post a youtube link here?

Yep. Just copy the link and send it!

Yes, you can. Just copy and paste the link.

Go to 1:56

Same problem with me

Just inaccurate that’s all hopefully they can fix it

As I said before, you really shouldn’t be going 60,000 in an airliner. That’s quite a blow to your fuel due to the amount of power you have to use.

As for fuel, SimBrief may be your best friend. It gives you the right fuel, time (estimated) and altitude almost all of the time.

But there’s still one question unanswered. What aircraft?

They are estimations, therefore it says “Estimations” in the menu to begin with. This is why you should use sites such as FPLtoIF or Simbrief for more accurate calculations. Also, the video is a bit outdated, just saying.


If you’d like to save fuel while taxiing, taxiing on one engine works too…


What website you guys using to calculate fuel?


a rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.

Rough. Here we go.
We don’t take anything into account really. As it’s an estimate.
We don’t know what the winds will be where you fly, we don’t know how heavy you’ll be, we don’t know how high you’ll be and so on.

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Simbrief.com works.

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Cheers guys


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