Fuel Problem

Hey guys, i’m currently flying from CYYZ to EGBB with BA 757. When i started my flight i put 8 hours of fuel and now i’m 5h30 from EGBB and the fuel ETA is in the red. Can someone explain why? Thanks in advance.

Because at your current fuel burn rate - you won’t make it - but as you burn fuel and get lighter - your burn rate will decrease.

As you fly - you will consume fuel and get lighter - the ETE to Dest will become white eventually…

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Yeah you will become lighter and have better fuel economy the further you get into your flight. Also maybe having a lot of PAX and Cargo will decrease your fuel efficiency during your flight. :)

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I have neither passenger nor cargo.

Headwind is also a contributing factor as it can negatively or positively impact your ground speed making the engines have to put more thrust which needs more fuel.

The 757’s flight time estimations are not very accurate in the “Weight & Balance” section in IF. Furthermore, the aircraft model and its physics are one of the oldest in the sim currently, and it’s fuel flow calculations are likely to be incorrect. I suggest using Simbrief to plan your fuel quantity in the futute. If it happens to be that you are still running out of fuel even when using Simbrief, you’ll have to manually add more due to the model being very old.


What speed are you flying at Mach wise, I believe the 757 is most economical at Mach 0.80?

Currently 53 knots slight crosswind to the left, almost headwind at FL300. Fuel flow is 4234kg per hour

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Yes, mach 0.80

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Thank you all for answering me, this topic can be closed now.