Fuel problem

So currently, I am flying from Dubai to Seattle and it says I only have 9 hours of fuel left even though I put in 17 hours of fuel which is 3 hours more than enough fuel. I am 21 minutes into the flight and things are not looking good. Please help.

Are you climbing? What altitude are you at?

No, I was not.

I am at 36,000 feet.

A possible reason could be because you did not step climb so the aircraft is very heavy for that altitude.

I did step climb

While 36000 feet is a bit high for 21 minutes into a long haul flight…

I was only going at 2,000 to 3,000 vs.

Should I descend?

Ya I would down to about 29,000-30,000 feet see if that helps

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What’s your speed?

Mach .83 is my speed

Nope not helping.

You are quite heavy at the moment. The more you fly, the less furl you burn so the fuel ETA might increase once u reach SEA.

What aircraft u flying?

777-300er is the aircraft I am flying.

Yeah it must be the winds…

Reason: Your throttle must be at max

This isn’t normal?

Oh sorry. I was just assuming.

I think you didn’t put enough spare fuel in.You might barely make it, but next time put more fuel in like 95%

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speed up to .84, go down to FL310 or FL300 The 77W has long range no way you should run out after 9 hours

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I put 3 hours of extra fuel though.