Fuel problem

I add like 12 Hours of fuel for a 10 hour flight but i take off and i only have “5 hours remaining” what do i even do? ive tried like 6 times

Hi there, during climbout your aircraft will burn more fuel than you would while cruising in most cases. The remaining hours of fuel will improve as you decrease your vertical speed and reach cruise.


When i go faster, the warning goes away

That’s normal. Typically jets run more fuel in a climb. Once you level off at your cruise altritude, it should rise too a stable level

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This is understood but it remains low whilst i reach FL

It should also decrease in your descent.

Which aircraft is this happening with? There are many variables to fuel burn.

I’ve did over 30 hours of flights in 3 days and i haven’t had this once ill keep ya’ll informed

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The boeing 747-400
and the 787-10

Some things to consider here:

-Climb out Vertical Speed and Air Speed
-Drag from Landing Gear
-Weight of fuel, Passengers and Cargo (as fuel burns efficiency improves).
-Cruise Speed and Altitude
-Aircraft characteristics (747 burns more fuel per hour than a 787)

What’s you’re recommended Flight level I usually do 32-34k

Depending on the aircraft you may have to step climb to reach your cruise altitude. Your cruise altitude depends on the winds aloft and service ceiling of the aircraft. There are some great tutorials in the forum to help you better understand these things.

Have a look below. You will find great instructions on Flight Planning, adjusting your trim and so on.


Step Climbing

A Guide to Step Climbing

Fuel Planning

Flight planning series | Part 4 Flight plan & fuel planning


Adding to what @Levet said. If you use SimBrief to generate a FPL, it will figure out your step climbs and fuel all automatically for you.

Ok I will take a note of that thanks

Probably make sure not to have your throttle over 100% and keep it normal, you do have enough fuel but if you fly with your throttle on 100% N1 you will burn fuel faster. When cruising it will level out at around 60% and not burn as much fuel that means you would have enough fuel!

Yeah I normally load up an extra hour of fuel and cruise up with v/s +2600 To 30-40k then keep my speed from 240-300 and that normally does the job but It wont work for me it just stays low even when on cruise.

Just don’t make the mistake of looking at fuel remaining until you have reached your cruise alt, you burn so much while climbing that its assuming you are going to maintain that profile for the whole flight.

That VS is way too high in my opinion, I do it at 2000 or under once I’m at 240

That VS is much too high for the duration of your climb to cruise. I suggest you have a look around at the links provided above as they will enhance your total flight experience.


Okay I was just a little confused as that has worked for me in long hauls and shorter flights