Fuel Problem (maybe)

I am, at this moment, flying from Honolulu to Kuala Lumpur. Since the flight is 12 hours long, I loaded my Boeing 747-400 with 15 hours (approximately 288,000 pounds) of fuel. It now says that I have 9 1/2 hours (approximately 270,000 pounds) of fuel. The throttle says my engines are running at 81%. Should I be worried?


Current winds and Flight Level?

Hello, this belongs in #general as well!

9 knots tail wind and cruising at FL360 (36,000 feet)

As you fly your aircraft will get lighter so less fuel will be needed during flight, therefore your fuel should even itself out as your flight progresses and the aircraft gets lighter.


okay. thanks!

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This is not your problem the 747 is super non fuel efficient 😂
Yeah It is a possible diversion :)


I’ll be ready to divert to Manila.

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Hey, you shouldn’t. As long as winds are normal, then you should be fine.

If you would like to further manage fuel and carry less, during climb you should use step climbs, and control speed through pitch and V/S instead of thrust.

Further asses the situation after reaching cruise.


This is the one Strife I have with the simulator. Obviously in a normal aircraft your indicator for fuel would not say you’re not going to make it when you actually were. Sometimes it takes up to an hour and a half or even longer if you have winds against you until your fuel says it will be okay.

The 747 is a heavy lady, when you start a long flight your fuel consumption is high so will often tell you that you won’t mkae it. However as you burn fuel, you become lighter and your fuel consumption will improve.

As always the Important part is your pre-flight planning. If you use fpltoif.com then not only will you have the waypoints, flight levels and step climbing locations but also fuel to load and expected fuel remaining at each stage.

In real life the pilot will be checking their fuel ROB (remaining on board) against the flight plan on a regular basis.


Why was my post flagged. I was telling my truth. Every time I fly the 747 even when I fill it all the way up with fuel and have no passengers nor cargo it says that I will not make it. I could have a strong tail wind and it still says I wouldn’t make it. I fly the 747 with flaps out during cruise so that I can make my flight.

Because what you’re saying is not factually correct. This was the discussion we had a few months ago about the 747 fuel burn. 🙂


I use real world flight plans, a fuel planner, and I stay at FL300 or FL310 depending on my direction of flight. Is the altitude I’m at the problem and I go Mach.85.

I mean, the low FL300 are pretty low if you’re cruising at those alts for an extended period of time. You should only be down there for a few hours at most before attempting to climb higher.


Ok well I’ll try that when I do another 747 flight. Thanks for correcting me in a kind and informative way. I love the IF community.

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No worries. Enjoy the rest of the night and have fun! 🙂


You sure about that ?

i am happy to report that my flight landed safely in kuala lumpur

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Next time try not to load so much fuel. An hour and a half extra is all that’s needed for a long haul. When you think about it, by carrying extra fuel you’re actually burning more fuel as the aircraft is so much heavier.