Fuel probems- solved ✅

I am actually on training server flying a long haul from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Ottawa McDonald Cartier. I fueled the aircraft for 9 hours and a half (flight time is 8 hours). I am actually at FL310, flying at Mach 0.70, near to EGFA, and my interface is telling that the flight time is 8 hours and 10 minutes and it says I have only 7 hours and 36 minutes pf fuel (variable between 7 hours and half and 7 hours and 50 minutes)
Please help! How can I make fuel economy?
My aircraft is Boeing787-10 and my callsign is Cedar Jet 137. Training server
Refuelling accepted if there are volunteers

Well, first of all, Mach 0.70 is veeeery slow for a 787, I would suggest you speed up to 0.84 or 0.85. Second of all, this is normal on a long haul flight, since the plane is using more fuel to carry the extra fuel needed to reach your destination. As you burn fuel for a few hours, the plane will need to use less fuel to fly. Basically, speed up and wait, in a few hours your fuel prediction should be fine.


You should also look into step climbing.


Ok! Thank you veeery much!

Yeah! I will give it a look next time! Thank you

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Have a good flight!

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Yeah! Thanks

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