Fuel planning

How much fuel do I need at fly from kLax-LIRF with 320 passengers and 60,000 pound dog fuel? On the a350

Use simbrief.com and it will give you flight plans and fuel planning


Use Simbrief.com! It’s a great website that has fuel, maps, and flight planning! Just sign up for an account, which is free!

simbrief is really good for this, however if you the actual formula it’s

Distance X 60 / Speed = Minutes
GPH / 60 X Minutes + 1hour GPH = Fuel Required

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It’s not free for me it’s £10 a month

This might be helpful, although Simbrief will work for the vast majority of aircraft in the game as IF models tend to burn less than IRL.

The account is free to create. Its just the subscription service if you want to get access to charts and other nitpicks

I just want to have the fuel stuff

Then cancel the subscription. If you don’t want the more up-to-date nav data, you don’t need the Navigraph subscriptiom. Simbrief itself is free.

Can someone please help me calculate it?

Use simbrief it can give u the calculations

Simbrief is completely free, all you have to do is create an account. From there you can do your planning. Simbrief is here, if you’re going to the wrong thing.

As others have stated, Simbrief is amazing. It supports almost every aircraft in Infinite Flight and you can choose real life routes and much more for free. There’s tutorials on there as well, so please reference those instead of constantly asking when others have supplied the answer 👍🏻

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