Fuel Planning

Hello dear Flyers,
I’ve just started out and was wondering how I can get a precise amount of fuel calculated for the route I fly. For example LAX-DEN.
I started off with 30% fuel in the A330-900neo and finished with about 24% fuel still in the aircraft, which is okay but not really well calculated. So I was wondering what you use or do to calculate the fuel required for your flights + some spare for a possible go around/waiting circles

Thank you

Use simbrief. They give you a flight plan, the amount of fuel you need, flight level, step climb info, and flight time. Also, welcome to community :)


i usually estimate my flight time by seeing how long the real world flight estimates, then i add an extra hour onto that (i usually add an extra 1:30 to 2hrs on long haul flights)

I generally google the flight time of the particular route I want to fly, then I add 30min

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Simbrief, my friend.

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Thank you very much. I’ll try it out

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I record fuel use for each flight and work out an average. Simbrief is good but generally very conservative and varies on accuracy by aircraft.

I’ve got the 777 down to a fine art - usually about 8-12T on landing for any route (and depending on nominated alternative)

Infinite Flight FPL Converter this is a very great tool to plan your flight

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