Fuel planning

Hey guys,
Couple of days ago I heard fuel packing isn’t enough which sometimes leads to crash or emergency scenarios. So today I’m gonna give you the simplest way to calculate how much fuel you need to conduct a safe flight.
First let’s talk about the type of Aircraft

  1. Light Aircrafts
  2. Short Haul Aircrafts
  3. Long Haul Aircrafts
    Before commencing any flight know your aircraft and then in the aircraft selection tab you will see the fuel flow of your aircraft.
    Now what you gonna do
    First of all let’s see the how do we plan our fuel
    Taxi fuel (10 mins of the total trip fuel) + trip fuel (incl. Take off, climb, cruise, descent, approach and touch down) + contingency fuel (10-15% of trip fuel) + alternate fuel (calculate accordingly to alternative airport) + reserve fuel (45 mins of trip fuel)
    Trip fuel you can calculate by adding few things (duration and fuel flow) to the calculator I have attached below.
    When you have your trip fuel then you can also calculate your other fuels like taxi, reserve and contingency
    Note- contingency fuel varies according to type of aircraft for e.g. it is 45 mins for turbine engine and 30 mins for turboprop and piston engine
    👆 Here is the calculator, open this scroll it a lil bit you will see fuel tap on it.
    If you feel any difficulty regarding this please feel free to PM
    If you find this helpful please share
    Happy piloting
    Thank you
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I just kinda guess lol, and take plenty of fuel for long flights, if a flight is 8-12 hours I’ll just take 2 and half hours more then I need in case something happens


Yea I do the same thing and in the middle of the flight if I see that I have a lot of spare fuel I dump some of it so the plane is lighter upon landing


Have you calculated the fuel according to fuel flow of your aircraft?

yeah it depends on winds/traffic for me, but I usually put in like 1.5-2 hours extra fuel. If there’s a headwind expected I’ll adjust accordingly

I use SimBrief to calculate fuel for my flights, with custom reserve levels. It’s a very straightforward and easy process once you know how to use the website.

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Simbrief is lot easier…it will also calculate the v speeds, but I don’t find it helpful for flight planning purpose, may be because of airac cycle I don’t know creating route by yourself is quickest option you can add sid star approach everything

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