Fuel planning

Just a short tip to the many people I’ve seen recently struggling with running low on fuel during flight:

Method 1: do it all on your own…

  1. Find your flight time for your route on Skyvector, add ten mins
  2. Find your flight time from your destination airport to your alternate airport, add ten minutes
  3. add answers from 1 and 2 together, then add 30 minutes minimum of FAA reserves fuel, 15 minutes minimum of contingency fuel, and 20 minutes of idle burn fuel for taxi.
  4. You’ll get x hours, y minutes of time. Divide the minutes portion by 60 to get your time in decimal form. Multiply this by your fuel burn provided in IF. That is your fuel burn appropriate for your flight.

Method 2: easier… use SimBrief

  1. self explanatory. Here’s the fuel and WB loadsheets from my last flight, made with SB.

All covered in these various topics, see below: