Fuel planner

I was wondering when I use fuel planner what speed I have to be

I recommend you review this topic;

…and once you’ve set up an account there, i strongly recommend:

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What do I do once here

And if I click the first one what do I do here image

Read the topics linked above, it’s all in there :)

Click creat new flight, in the second picture enter the details in then click the generate OFP button located above, scroll down to the last link copy it and past in into IFPilot.

In the new update, all you need to do is go to IF Pilot and enter the details, your FPL ect will be set. You have to read the flight beefing.

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I’m confused do I need to type everything cause I only put departure and arrival airport and I put the generate ofp and it doesn’t work

Never mind but I’m confused can someone tell me my speed I need to be and what waypoints and that’s all I want and also schyllberg can you check please my liveries topic and my topics

Simple. on Sim Brief tap the help button. That explains the detail you need. The help button is the little box near the top that says “Help”


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