Fuel Planner for Infinite Flight!

Hello, people of the community!

As I fly in Infinite Flight, most of the time I use fuelplanner.com. Do you guys do this too? If you do use any kind of fuel planner. What do you use? Is it an idea that we get our own fuel planner to use in IF?

I use this most of the time but it is for FSX but it still works: fuelplanner.com

Thanks for your help I appreciate it (:

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I use SimBrief. It’s very accurate and easy to use. (also FPLtoIF.com)


Many people use fuelplanner or simbrief for their fuel calculations.

For me it is hard to use SImBrief.

Theres a great tutorial on their website!

Here is the link:

There is also a video:

And this will help tie it all together:

I hope this helps!

Thanks! @jmwilliams17! This helps a lot!


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I use Simbrief but also use flight aware as well as Windy looking at factors such as temperature, air pressure, wind direction and speed to judge how much fuel I need. If you are making a flight from EGLL-KLAX but there is a 150 knot head wind for 1,500 miles in length in the Atlantic I would make a route that goes for example 300 miles north to avoid it. I would then need to judge how much fuel I need based on the diversion. Almost all the time I end up landing with between 5-15% left in a 777 or 787 or 10-20% in a 737 and A319/320. Remember to look on windy for the duration of your flight because wind patterns and speeds change, in some cases rapidly especially below 10,000 feet.


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They should create their own IF Fuel Planner only for IF.

I dint say anything wrong, did I? I was just curious so that I would also know next time.

Do NOT use fuelplanner. The fuel calculations on it are way outdated and too general to the original aircraft for a lot of them. Case in point - the A340. Not to mention the fuel calculations for the A380 and the B787 are just downright wrong as all this data comes from 2009 at the latest and the B787 didnt have its first test flight until 2009. Finally, the fuel load is given on a general route not on the specific route you are flying nor does it factor in your expect weather or weight of your aircraft.

Thanks! I did not know that!

Anybody else have any more suggestions? Feel free to post about it! If you know about it.

One other thing, when you make a flight plan, SimBrief lets you select an aircraft. You’ll get better results if you create your own airframe in SimBrief. The weights of the planes are different than the ones in Infinite Flight, so the numbers that come out with the default will be wrong.

Its under the “My Fleet” tab.

Who thinks that IF should make their own Fuel Planner system?