Fuel planner for IF planes

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As i fly in IF i normally use a fuel planner , do more people do this as well ? if so , what do you use ? Is it a idea that we get our own fuel planner to use in IF ?

This is the fuel planner i use normally: http://fuelplanner.com/

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Great link! I happen to use that but I sometimes like to manually calculate it myself from time to time. :)


yes , some times i think it not so realistic ;) ok_hand:


If you, or others, want to do fuel calculations manually, I highly recommend checking out this thread created by @anon2063420. It’s based off of real world information and is really accurate. To calculate it, simply follow the instructions he has provided. :)


Yes check out that link and my other link for a spreadsheet.

I actually made this because of the inaccuracies with that website. I highly suggest the spreadsheet as it uses the formula I used to confirm that my ratios were correct (they work with the IF I can confirm).


These are brilliant! Thank you all, for the hard work you have put in to help!


Are you sure it’s correct? It shows around 9 hours of fuel needed for SYZ to DOH (A320). But on the Qatar Airways website (route operator), it sais the flight takes 1:45


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You have likely put in the IATA code for the airport origin and destination entry fields. You need enter the ICAO code instead. :)

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I use this online flight planner which produces flight plans and load sheets as well as fuel planning for my flights.


Except the ICAO code for Doha airport is OTHH, the old airport is OTBD and is no longer used for commercial passenger flights.

If you use OTHH you get the same results @Lamborghini_Life got.

Other than this odd result, I think that site is ok for rough fuel planning. As a more comprehensive and free route/fuel planner I prefer https://www.simbrief.com/

Something like PFPX is better but costs money.


OFP takes data from routefinder (http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/) for the route and fuelplanner (http://fuelplanner.com/) for the fuel. OFP doesn’t calculate those things itself, but just pulls in the data from the other sites.

@David_Lockwood just to add that I used to use OFP a bit, but in terms of free online planner I am completely switched to simbrief now which is much more powerful. You can tie in simbrief to your navigraph account (if you have one) so it can use up to date information from the latest AIRAC cycle.


Never knew that. :)

You’re absolutely right. It seems like a very old website in fact, I think it was made prior to the new Doha Airport was built. They seem to have the old one in the database but not the new one.

Site needs some updating but I think its creators no longer tend to it anymore. :)


I did exactly the same as you tbh until I realised OTBD wasn’t current. It’s a shame if it is not updated, in 99% of cases it should be right though.

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Again, inaccurate

EDIT: Just noticed it gets fuel info from Fuel Planner

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Yes I use the same one for fsx giving it a 9/10 rating

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How is it in accurate? At present I am using it as a guide, however the figures it gives certainly are fairly close to figures of Real Life consumption that I have researched elsewhere ( airliners.net and pprune amongst others).

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Yes, yes, yes! These are the kind of posts I like to see! Thanks mate for the link, appreciated


Search OISS to OTHH and you’ll see

oh I see you mean for that particular route rather than the whole program? Yes it does throw up some odd ones. Try KLAX-PHNL and you will see what I mean! However on the whole the majority seem pretty accurate to me.

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