Fuel on bbj

Hey, I know this sounds stupid but does the bbj in infinite flight have more range then the regular like in real life? I was looking at fuel capacity and they look like they have the same amount. Just asking as I would like to travel across the pond with the bbj

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Well, I can assure you that with the facelift that the 737 is getting currently, you can expect the range on the BBJ to be fairly accurate to what you’d find in the real world. I think Google brought up results that it could fly in the range of 12hrs. With that, I’ll let your imagination flourish with all of the possibilities that you can do with that aircraft. 🙂


Thanks for the feedback. You can close this now.

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What about with the 747-8 BBJ? I’m flying that right now and I logged onto the forum and I’m so happy this is the first thing that came up Because I was going to look for something like this. So with the 747 BBJ in IF does it have more fuel than the original 747-8? In real life I’m pretty sure it does have more fuel but I’m not 100 percent sure about it in IF.

Because the 737BBJ falls under its own model, meaning it a “different” type of aircraft you have to download, the features/characteristics unique to that aircraft will differ from that of the aircraft its based off of. In this case the -700.

As for the 747-8BBJ, we don’t have another model to download as a user. It falls under the 747-8 airliners that you’ll find. So the fueling and characteristics that may be unique to it in real life is not the case in Infinite Flight. Technically, you’d have to make a feature request to have a 747BBJ model worked on to mirror what you’d find on a real world aircraft. If this made sense.


That’s what I thought, thanks!

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So the range for the 737 is been tweaked a little?

Maybe, maybe not. You’ll just have to wait and make that determination for yourself. 🙂