Fuel on a Long-haul Flight

As I recently god infinite flight pro, I have started flying overnight (as most people do) but I have been wondering how much fuel I should give myself. I was also wondering what callsign to give myself so answers ASAP would be appreciated so I can fly again tonight. :)
Thx again IFC

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I’m sure you’ll find a great callsign by tonight.

As for fuel, you can use a fuel calculator (it has more features) like the one I link below.



@patrickv thanks very helpful

Fuel is based on the type of aircraft you are using. In addition to what @patrickv mentioned above (great tool for flight planning, I use it extensively!), some aircraft will require less or more extra fuel. For example, the a350s are pretty true to their fuel time that is displayed on the ground, so you can add fuel around the exact time you intend to fly. For other aircraft however, like the B747s, you will need a significant amount of fuel in addition to the intended flight time amount. For the B747s I like to add around 7-9 hours of extra fuel. For other aircraft too, I like to add around 4-5 hours of extra fuel just to be safe as well.

As far as callsigns go, that is really up to you. As a personal preference, I like to be realistic with my callsigns and not make up one.

An example: since ATC today is in SBGR, I decided to do an overnight flight from KJFK. My callsign is American 951 Heavy, and it’s a B77W in the American livery. I also departed as per the scheduled departure time of 22:35. With the B77W I added around 13 hours and 40 minutes worth of fuel (the “heavy” auto-button) which is about 4 hours extra based on the 9 hour 40 minute flight time.

Hope this helped, and safe flying! 😁

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