Fuel needs

Should I be worried and divert, or continue the flight to Seoul?

Based on the current rate your aircraft is consuming fuel, you’ll have 2 hours to spare upon reaching your destination.

As you fly along and burn fuel, your aircraft becomes lighter, and your rate of fuel burn will decrease, so you’ll have more than two hours to spare by the time you make it to your destination.

No need to worry, have a good flight!


5 hours later
So what was your decision? Did you crash or you did smooth landing?

He probably has around 4-5 hours left in his flight.

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I landed smoothly at Seoul


When your ‘ETE to Dest’ is red, you’ll have to worry about your fuel, when it’s white you can land at your destination.


And more than it, use “fuel planner flight sim” and you’ll never have to worry

Indeed! You can use fuelplanner.com or FPLtoIF

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And of course: do not takeoff with 100%, this is a good way to save fuel

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