Fuel needed for KJFK-YSSY 787-9

It does, the autopilot doesn’t have to pull up all the time and when you take control and you’re not trimmed properly you’ll nosedive or pitch up really hardly

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How has this topic been dragged this far? I hope he landed 3 days after Departure. 🤷‍♂️.

Does it make a difference to fuel though

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Yes it does. It affects your fuel flow and and towards the end of your flight, you’ll end up noticing that you’ve saved a lot more fuel. How? Quite simple if you ask. Using trim means you create what you call a lift-induced drag. When you reduce the lift, you also end up reducing the drag. Reduced drag results in low fuel consumption.


Not not really I don’t think

I did a flight test in solo mode and it made.no difference. The trim in IF doesn’t change the entire tail wing. It only sets a constant offset to the elevators. So activating them makes no difference to fuel consumption

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Flaps at cruise, no. Use your trim. At cruise, make sure that there is no “pink line” in the trim. Doing so will stretch the fuel and you will get better burn and add range! It was always set up that way in I.F. and makes all the difference in fuel consumption! Simple terms… you want the best fuel economy, make the “pink line” in the trim goes away by adding negative or positive trim depending on the aircraft!

The 787-9 for example, even fully loaded, at cruise… 50% trim seems perfect! It will get the best fuel efficiency and will go more than half way around the world without refueling!


The reason why you didn’t see any difference is probably because you did it completely wrong. If you want to test it, I would recommend doing a long haul. You can do the same route twice, with and without trim and compare the two.

Hope you brought your wallet.

Bring this into a PM if you want, but I tested fuel flow for cruising at M.85 at FL310 with AP and no winds, and the fuel flow values are virtually identical at trim -100, 30 and 100.

If I see one more person on here that thinks trim affects range…

Trim has no affect while you’re on autopilot. It’s basically like recalibrating your device.


For those ultra-long hula flights, I’d just put in all the fuel I can.

Well you’ll not only see one but a lot others who stand by my point. Trim will decrease your fuel burn slightly, but it will make a big difference in the long run. It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not. Feel free to refer to this:

That thread is wrong. I’ve already explained this to deercrusher and had him test it himself. I’m not sure why he still mentions trim on that tutorial.

I agree with @s1b2p5 here. If you notice the fuel difference is within 5%, and also, in the second picture the plane hasn’t stablized yet (over -100 fpm in a 787 is not normal, the 787 does not bob at all).
TBH if you want to do the longest flights ever, just use a 77L cuz that thing can go basically anywhere in the world without stopping

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Once you’ve obtained your flight plan, simply copy it and then paste it into the search bar inside the game. For reference, this is the search bar in the top right corner of the screen after opening the map view.

Hope this helps!

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