Fuel Mixture Control

What do you mean by fuel mixture?

Nice idea, but should be used only for pros because it’s a really complexe system. All the aircrafts have different optimal mixture quantity and everyone should know how to use it and play with it.
Would be nice only if when you slide the button, it indecates on the side of it : the percentage and the optimization of the configuration ;)

Idk if I am easy to read.

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He means leaning the fuel mixture of the aircraft. Take a look at this video if you have any further inquiries.

@Annonymouse115 I like this idea, however I have reached my voting limit already. Sorry :)


Ah got it, cheers for that

Too complicated. Especially because most of the people on TS1 can’t use ATC, taxi or takeoff properly it will be even worse.


I like the idea for sure. Maybe it could be an additional feature you receive once you are able to fly in the expert server.

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Hmm, what about people who don’t own live?

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Then it could be implemented to solo and expert only and on solo maybe an option to use the feature or bypass it? Just my thoughts.

Or have it so you can use it if you like, but if you do nothing it doesn’t have it affect the flight dynamics. Was that easy to read sorry?

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yep that would also work!

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Yeah, it’s a good idea. Anything that adds realism is a yes from me.

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Do you mean like fuel transfer?
Giving fuel from one engine to another

My topic: fuel transfer

He means something else


Not fuel transfer. And this isn’t “too complicated” it’s actually pretty easy to use the mixture controls in an aircraft.


I like the idea very much. However for people new to aviation and/or IF, it might make the game more difficult and unattractive. Great ideas like these on the other hand, should be put into an option one can turn on in settings called “Advanced Mode,” giving the pilot +50% xp when flying if this mode is turned on. I really like the idea though!


I do feel as too this is a lot better said and has an explanation as too what it is. Lovely feature request too both of you.

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I love the idea. It could teach a lesson or two about saving fuel.

Deffinatey should be an option! Would go really well with Engine start/stop.

systems like this will likely come i think but will be a while in the future maybe i hope infinite flight aircraft would have the intractability of the xplane 10 mobile 737-800 maybe not in the near future but hopefully one day