Fuel mistake

Ok, so I made a mistake. I fly only real flights, so I always go to flight aware to choose which flight to fly. I choose KPDX to KATL, the problem is that flight first goes to KMSP (Minnesota) i didn’t notice that it was a first leg and I put enough fuel to get to KMSP instead of putting enough for KATL. I figured this out at cruise. My question is, it says currently I have 40,785lbs of fuel (4:19 mins) and it says ETE to Dest 3:43 fuel in yellow. Should I just quit the flight, or continue and go on fumes ?

Continue the flight
Overtime as your flight progresses your plane will get lighter and less fuel will be needed


Great, thank you.


Sorry for the late response, but also I recommend looking for any potential airports nearby your destination just in case you want to make a fuel stop. You just land your plane at the fuel stop airport, taxi to a gate, (realistically speaking) switch off the engines (realistically), and just configure you weight with more fuel if needed.

No problem. I took Aviator_SG advice, looks like I will be fine, I am flying the A330. I have 1:52 hour/mins of fuel left and 52 mins till my destination.


Fun, keep my advice in mind just in case, you can never be too safe. Happy landing!

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Yellow fuel just means you are cutting it a bit close. Red means you don’t have enough.

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