Fuel load Issue

I’m currently doing a flight from LAS-GRU. When I was fueling the plane it said I had 14:30 hours of fuel left. But I’m 30 min into the flight and it says I only have 8:30 left. Does anyone what’s happen Thxs.

Most likely because you’re climbing or facing strong winds. That is the time left you have at those conditions. Also as @Speedyyy said, you will get lighter as you burn more off


As you continue to fly you will get lighter and your fuel remaining will increase :)


Rn I’m at FL 340 and I have a tail wind at 68 kts.

Besides what the guys said above, try to step climb your cruise altitude when u’re heavy loaded.

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For safety purposes I’m diverting to El Paso for refueling.

No you don’t have to, with a tailwind and your load becoming lighter as you continue to fly, you will definitely make it safely.

What aircraft are you flying?


I just got more fuel.

This is a really good website to plan your flight and solve issues like these.


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