Fuel leak on the B747-800

Hello everyone,
yesterday evening I left JFK for a night flight to Beijing. The estimated flight time is 16 hours and I fuelled the aircraft for 19 hours.
After 15 hours, fuel was gone!
Did this happen to anyone of you on the B747? It’s not my first time happening to me on this aircraft.

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Try reading through this similar topic. 🙂


747 across the board just burns too much fuel, and most efficient altitude is FL280. If you’re in a pinch, a -400 can drop flaps 10 and it will for some reason improve fuel burn (unless this has been fixed) but I’m not sure this works on an -8. There’s no leak, it just burns too much.


I believe I saw you while flying my callsign was Koreanair 175 Heavy from Atlanta to Seoul.
It also happened to me
We’re you the Air China on the Boeing 747 ?

The 748 is somewhat flyable after the initial concerning fuel burn part, i flew 16 hours from JFK-PEK last night in an air china 748

It can do up to 21 hours, 16 is no problem.

The -400 never really had an issue for me. I have done a 10 hour flight on it with flaps completely up

To save fuel you can shut down 3 out of the 4 engines.

just kidding obviously

I mean, its range is like 16.5 hours clean configuration so I’d hope it would be fine with a 10 hour flight lol. Flaps 10 is more if you’re trying to set a 744 record or if you’re low on gas and don’t want to divert.

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I’ve learned how to not run out of fuel mid-flight.

So when you take off don’t use the throttle to 100% Use the throttle at 90% so that you don’t end up burning too much fuel during takeoff.
During climbing to cruising altitude keep the throttle at 90% and if you lose airspeed then lower your vertical speed and try not to climb too high

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make sure you did not start fuel dump at the set altitude bcz it will lead to fuel leakage. Trying to not overspeed in the set speed for altitude i.e. upto FL100 you have to maintain 250knots do not overspeed it will save your fuel

Flaps 10 does wonders to the 747-8s performance. I recently did JFK to Hong Kong. Put 3 extra hours of fuel on board for the 15 hour flight. When I arrived at Hong Kong, it said I had 5 hours left

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