Fuel leak in Auckland causes massive flight disruption

Auckland Airport fuel crisis

Auckland airport has been hit by a massive crisis. Due to a fuel pipe leak fuel supplies are limited causing chaos for flights in Auckland. Many flights have been cancelled and airlines are just allowed to use 30% of usual fuel usage. Air New Zealand has even had to send flights to Wellington and Christchurch to refuel (with just pilots) and return to Auckland so they could later complete the long haul flights.

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An example of one of the refuel flights (a320 usually for this route)

Flights due to fuel rations are stopping over at other airports on there way to LH destinations.

Flights to the United States on Air New Zealand are having to stopover in Nadi to refuel.

Air New Zealand Services to Asia are stopping in Brisbane

Emirates flight to Dubai is stopping over in Melbourne.

LATAM flights have stopped over in Nadi

Cathay Pacific are stopping over in Brisbane.

Qatar flights to Doha are stopping over in Melbourne.

Singapore Airways flights are stopping over in Sydney

Hong Kong flight bound flight going via Brisbane to Hong Kong due to fuel rations

Singapore bound flight from Auckland stopover in Sydney on the way


Air New Zealand flight going to LA via Nadi

Auckland flight to Tokyo going via Brisbane air nz flying 787-9 out of Brisbane before Qantas xD

Auckland flight to Hong Kong going via Brisbane

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This is a pretty major thing for New Zealand, Auckland on city being 35% of New Zealand population and key economic hub. This also shows that fuel is sometimes taken for granted in aviation and you should make sure you load the right amount in infinite flight once global comes out :)


No, this is ver very bad, I’m flying over there in 2 weeks and flying back 😬


Did you mean ‘disruption’ instead of ‘distribution’ in the title?

Also, Emirates EK449 is doing a stopover in Melbourne, not Christchurch, effective from September 18-24.


Emirates re-routes long haul flight after fuel crisis in New Zealand | Aviation – Gulf News


NOOOO I Missed out on an A350 in my home town while I was away fjtdyhwygsuhioj


Flying through Auckland in November 11th, and the 21st. Hopefully it’ll be all cleared up by then.


Just a minor problem down here =P

Anyway, that sounds awful for the passengers, I’m sure it means the flights are getting longer as their flights have to stop elsewhere to refuel


News article here, but a Tl;dr from that:

All supplies of aviation fuel to Auckland Airport have been cut after a digger trying to extract kauri logs cut the oil pipeline from Marsden Point near Ruakaka on Thursday.

All flights coming into Auckland have been advised to carry enough extra fuel to get out again.

Long-haul flights are being redirected to refuelling stops at other NZ or international airports.

Engineers are being flown in from Canada to help bring oil flows through the pipeline up to full capacity gradually.

Oil companies say it will take 10 to 14 days to restore normal supplies.

Road transport fuel is not affected at this stage and can be supplied by tanker, but the pipeline was the only source of aviation fuel for the airport.

This is quite worrying especially as it highlights how vulnerable Auckland is, especially considering it’s an international airport routinely serving 77Ws and A359s.


This is very interesting. I hope the Pipe gets fixed soon so that flights can get back to normal.

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For those on Instagram, Qantas posted some photos on their story showing fuel transfer to keep Qantas and JetStar aircraft flying. They used a 744 and A330 to hold the fuel, which they then flew to Auckland and used special hoses to siphon 75,000 kgs of fuel.

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Wow, this is a rare event. I’ve never seen any long haul aircrafts making short stopovers for a while. Hopefully, the pipes gets fixed soon.

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Wow, that looks real hectic. It’s amazing how the airlines have coped with the shortage! Hope it gets fixed soon because flights can’t continue running like this.

Really well-crafted post! Nice job. 🙂

It’s interesting to see how resourceful they can be at a moment’s notice.


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