Fuel leak failure

Yea before you close this everyone else topics for emergencies and failures in infinite fight require a lot of coding and animation. But here me out. I believe a fuel leak failure wouldn’t really need any animation. And from a person that has never coded before I think it’s would be a easy code. They can rewrite the code from fuel usages and just increase the speed a lot and that would simulate a fuel leak. But I have 0, na da, none experience in coding so don’t trust me words.

I’m not to good at making these so if someone can give me some suggestions of what else to add to this that would be great!

Will the fuel leaks be completely random?
Will this be able to be induced by the pilot?
Will this be allowed on the Expert Server/in ATC airspace?

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Yes but you are able to control how Likely it is. And for the pilot being told about this. Um idk it’s really up to IF for that bc for realism, no for IF yes. Will this be aloud in expert server. Ofc it will but I you have the likelyness on full then no

You state the there wouldn’t need to be as much coding?.. In not really sure how it would work, it still needs coding. Also, I doubt that Infinite Flight would add one emergency and not all of them. In my opinion, this should just stay in the one big emergency topic.

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Would one engine (the leaking tank( loose fuel faster than the other creating a inbal?

Fuel leaks are no fun. Plus aircraft these days rarely have them. Developer time would be better spent elsewhere on another feature. Thanks!