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I’m currently doing a flight from KJFK to WSSS (New York- Singapore Changi) onboard a 787-10 I’ve seen multiple flight times from other players saying that their flight time was roughly 16 or 17 hours. I’ve been in my flight for roughly 3 hours at cruising altitude of 35000ft at M 0.85. I have 14 hours left of flight time but I have 14 hours and 38 minutes left of remaining fuel. my ete to destination is 14:14 can anyone please explain? Thank you.


Hi there,

There are multiple ways the fuel remaining would be inaccurate for the duration of the flight:

As the aircraft flies it loses fuel and loses weight, making the aircraft lighter and use less power. The wind can also be affecting the power needed to maintain a steady cruising speed (the system does not calculate these factors)

Generally the 787 is very good on using less and less fuel throughout a flight

Additionally if you are not already, I would suggest using a flight planner such as FpltoIF to give accurate fuel suggestions on future flights.


Hi ya,

This is common on a long haul. But as time goes on and your plane gets lighter, your fuel will soon balance out and you’ll find yourself with the extra fuel you expect.

I’m sure someone else can explain it better than me, but I hope this message was of some help to you.

Also, welcome to the community! And enjoy the rest of your flight.


Thank you very much!

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It sometimes depend on headwinds to

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