Fuel issues trying to recreate a non-stop MNL-LHR Polar route

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to fly the non-stop MNL-LHR route via the Polar route but I get short on fuel around two hours before approach.

Anyone with an effective flight plan that would enable to fly nonstop MNL-LHR?

I’m new on Global. Still learning the ropes.


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Do you have cargo and or passengers in weight? Are you flying into a headwind? Both of these can cause fuel issues.

Also what Aircraft

Try not loading the aircraft with a lot of pax or cargo. More weight increase the fuel flow. And use step climbs


Flying on headwind, and a bit on the heavy side. Using Philippine Airlines A350

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Philippine Airlines A350

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That should handle it perfectly

I recommend using windy.com to check winds, Simbrief is a good option for route planning and fuel calculations. Step climbing will also increase fuel efficiency, use the topic below for how to step climb.

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Thank you for sharing that link to windy.com! I’ve been trying to find a decent winds aloft tool for a while and this is perfect!

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No problem! Enjoy

Great help. Thanks a lot!

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There is a fuel issue with the A350 actually. M.85 at FL330/340 should get you around 20 hours with full fuel.

The A350 like its predecessor the A340-200/300 doesn’t require step climbing on most conditions.

Thanks to the carbon composite and trent xwb. That’s why it has such a great advantage compared to the previous Boeing generations.

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