Fuel issue

Ahhh this is so painful cause you can’t estimate how much fuel you need

The wind is so much but I can’t see where the wind is so find a way around


I hope you’re well. Firstly, do you use any flight planning software when creating your FPL such as Simbrief.com or the like? Simbrief will give you accurate fuel loads including reserve fuel that you need for your flight, as well as step climbing altitudes and so much more.

Additionally, the longer your aircraft is flying for the lighter in weight that your aircraft will become, therefore the less fuel will be burnt.

Did you put enough fuel? I always put like an hour or two of fuel if case there’s these winds

I use sites like online flight planner.org and flightplandatabase.com

Do I have just the topic for you (use “fuel with reserves” section):

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I put about one hour of additional fuel I believe. I even lowered my passengers from 329 down to, I believe, 249. I am flying a 789 from LFPG to KLAX and it still says I have 11:16 left. I have 6500 kilos of cargo

Thank you this is helpful

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