Fuel Issue

Hey, recently i have been flying and i set 12 hours of fuel for example, and then a bit after take off i check my fuel and i have only 6 hours of fuel, and the fuel percentage seems to go down very fast

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Are you in a 747?

If so, this is a known issue, and I’ll give you a few helping hints.

If you aren’t at cruise already, wait until then and monitor the fuel level. The fuel estimations are based off the current config so if you are climbing with a higher fuel consumption it will use this to calculate the hours of fuel remaining.


This may also help you,

Deercrusher made it

Is this estimate present when you are climbing or are at higher altitude/speed? The estimate when flying at the cruise speed at the cruise altitude is correct. Consider that estimate only

You need to Step climb

If it is during climb, you of course will have a high thrust setting meaning the engines will be burning more fuel. That means that the fuel calculator won’t realize that you have more fuel. Hope that helps it is a bit of a rubbish explanation, sorry