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I want to fly from FCO to LAX in a 777-200ER but a lot of the time I fly long haul, I don’t have enough fuel. Can someone tell me how much fuel, passengers, and cargo I should have for this flight?

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Try using fpltoif.com . You put in aircraft type, route, etc., and it will automatically calculate fuel numbers and route waypoints for you. Has worked every time for me.
Also, make sure you are using a reasonable cruise speed. For the 777-200LR, a cruise speed of 0.84 is normal. And generally, your VS to cruise should not exceed 2800.

One last thing: for long flights, you may need to step-climb. See this guide: A Guide to Step Climbing
(Fpltoif also calculates step climbing for you.)


I’d reccomend the following parameters for your flight from FCO - LAX:

  • 95184 kgs fuel

  • 15,100 kgs cargo weight

  • 287 passengers

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Good luck!


thanks to both of you :D

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You burn less fuel the further into your flight you are, so you may be short on fuel initially but you probably aren’t.

about how long after takeoff?

Right after you hit cruising.

If you check out the fpltoif.com as linked above and check out the flight plan it actually tells you when to step climb and to what height! If you link that with IFAssistant (available for iOS) then you can program in these step climbs so that the flight is flown as planned. (IFAssistant provides VNAV to compliment IF own LNAV)

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I have saved a flightplan in SimBrief and saved it. How can i set iT up in IF? Where van i find my saved flightplan in IF?

If you copy it from simbrief or fpltoif, then when you open a flight up,go to the map page then you can paste the flight plan there in the search bar. If you use the Fpltoif version then all the waypoints are in the correct format. If you paste from simbrief direct then you might have to amend a few of them.

Not sure if anyone else has seen this but someone has ditched almost near its diverting airport because of fuel

well thats sad XD

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@Claudio is correct. Any time I fly the 340 from South Africa to New York the fuel numbers always read short for the first few hours. I’ve never not made it, and for that matter I usually have reserve fuel left over.

Thanks, but it does not show the altitudes and speeds at the specific waypoints does it?

yes fpltoif does, just scroll down to the map breakdown and it shows the recommended alititude

yes if you look at the full flight plan (below the waypoints) it gives all the info such as Alt and Speed at the different waypoints

I noticed that, but it is not intergrated in IF’s flightplan?


I look at the flight times in real life then match this up to the fuel and for safe measure add an hour to it

IF only has LNAV programme in so that your aircraft will fly from one waypoint to the next.

IFAssistant will activate the VNAV ( altitudes) but you will have winter those after first entering the flightplan I to IF

You can only enter the waypoints into IF ( IF has LNAV when you activate “NAV”).

I copy the full flight plan into my notes section then when I open IFAssistant I program in the step climbs which then activates the VNAV portion as well.

What do you mean ; but you will have winter those after first entering the flightplan I to IF

Where can you program in IFassistant?