Fuel help

Where are you

near kitts at 30k feet

I don’t know where that is and what’s ur call sign and what server

Expert call sign: American 121

@FuZion_Sami request ^^^^^^^^^

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Hello! Please post your refueling request here;


What’s the 4 letter code of the airport your near

Kitts code near me

My call sign is TANKER

kitts** my bad

Ktts my baddddd

On my way ETA:10 minutes

Actually I’ll be longer than that but be as quick as I can and can you slow down a bit

Don’t spend your time I can deal with this

I’m in the air now

I am speeding at 300

you can escort me, if you want I can fly to the nearest airport.

How long are you?

I’ll escort this for good measure :)