Fuel Glitch

Hello. Earlier today I was doing a flight for an event and I didn’t notice this until I took off but I had 140% of fuel remaining. The next flight I did had no problems with that.

Is this already a known glitch?

um that is interesting, it could be cause ur idle so it would take u 26hours to burn all that fuel at idle, but that doesnt explain the 139%. I have never seen this

Just to confirm, is that the E190?

This is the E175

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The E175 has a fuel capacity of 20000lbs, so 28000lbs seems like a visual bug which has affected the other parameters. When you go to your weight and balance settings, how much fuel does it show there?

I didn’t check it during that flight. When I did the next one it showed at 50%

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How much fuel do you recall fueling up before the flight?

I didn’t actually. I never checked that during the flight

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Did you do a flight before the one with the bug and continue on, or did you spawn in?

I just spawned in. Only one flight

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Wait huh. How it can be above 100% 😂

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