Fuel Glitch

Hey So, I am Flying currently with @Rolls and @Stick_theLanding from SanDiego to CYYC we have 1 hour and 14 minutes left of our flight but my fuel glitched and now it has 1,045kg of fuel but it originally had 7,048 kg of Fuel Can someone explain, We will see if we will land at an Airport for a Touch and Goes, Or If I will glide until Landing. Someone Please Explain why this happened


Happens to me too for few days now!

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@schyllberg i think u the guy for this :0

7,048 kilograms is not going to be enough for a 3 hour flight. It may be if you are extremely cautious, but that is cutting it really, really close. This is not a glitch, but rather a miscalculation on the planning side - I’d recommend utilizing a flight planning software such as FPLtoIF.com next time.

@AP-PAK7861, if you could please describe the issue further or create a different support ticket, the appropriate people could investigate and provide assistance.

@Levi.TT, let’s refrain from tagging Seb in the middle of the night, especially when the situation isn’t urgent.

I started with 16kg of fuel and now i have 627kg of fuel but it might be enough at my speed if i turn 1 engine off i guess also thank you

Mind elaborating?

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Well remember different time zones so i wont know ;-;

It’s not even that…there’s no need to tag him in the first place.

He sees every topic in #support and will get to them when he can. Tagging him is unncessary and doesn’t need the extra notification.

I ran out of fuel and then stalled and crashed :/

Hello Joshua! Hope you are doing well. Are you 100% sure that this was a glitch, or is there a possibility that incorrect fuel consumption planning was a factor?

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