Fuel Factor for Simbrief

Hi there everyone, I noticed recently that when using SimBrief to plan flights, the fuel factor for the aircraft is always set to P000, however, I recently noticed changing the fuel factor specifically to each aircraft helps calculate weights and cruising altitudes a lot more accurate. Is there anyway to find out the specific fuel factor in accordance to SimBrief for Infinite Flight aircraft without having to manually test each aircraft?

If you check out some aircraft guides in the #ground-school:community-tutorials section, you’d definitely be able to find the fuel burn profile for a lot, if not even most of the aircrafts. From there you could collate the data and form your own fuel factor with appropriate biases added as required. Unfortunately for some of the aircrafts that may not have a guide, you may have to manually check the fuel burn yourself.


Okay, great, thank you :)

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